Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Tuesday this week, I participated in my first BNR treasury. I was unsure of how they worked, exactly, and was anxious about whether or not I should try it. I just didn't understand how the buyer came to the BNR, who participated, the whole nine yards. I finally decided I would just watch this one happen and decide from there.

Whew! Talk about a rush of energy and activity! It's like "auction house" meets "treasury collection"! People were calling out buys, replacing items, chatting, getting permissions, responding to questions. This is not a place for the "weak hearted" buyer or seller, that's for sure. I had a blast and am so looking forward to next Tuesday's Promotional Frenzy Team's BNR Treasury (find the link here on Tuesday around 3pm Eastern Time).

At one point, when I decided to actually get into the "game", I got lost in the pace. My PFT teammies had a good giggle at that one - "Hey, where's Lost?" "Did Lost get lost?" "Somebody go find Lost!" And thanks to ToyStoryNutty and the PFT Curator of the Hour, I was found again and quickly got into the swing of things.

Thanks to KuteKlipboardsbyAmy for the compliment and to Gogogorobot for welcoming me back from oblivion and a purchase. Also want to thank Isabelafelix and GreenhouseGlassworks for purchasing from my shop.

It was amazing - the last count I saw was 116 sales overall! Join in the fun next week! Check back here for the link and Happy Shopping!

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