Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Fun With Music and Video Mondays

Today marks YouTube's 7th Birthday!!! To celebrate, they put together a short video to celebrate this awesome occasion.

This is what YouTube has to say about their birthday and video -
"On Monday, May 21, we celebrate seven years since we first shared YouTube with the world. To commemorate this occasion, here's an updated video with some of the crazy statistics and incredible things you've been a part of in that time. Thanks for the amazing things you watch, create, and share!"

And now here's the video

Happy Birthday, YouTube !

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

 Fun With Music and Video Mondays

Oh my goodness, this trailer for this documentary brought tears to my eyes. As a dancer, I started at the age of 3, it is so hard to get people to understand what this means. It's like so accepted if your child is training to be an athlete, but no one gets the sacrifice, dedication and love you need for a dancer. I've always told my students that dancing is very black and white in your dedication. You either love it or you don't. Whatever discipline you choose, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ethnic, praise, hip hop, ballroom - you have to love it! It's not a Flashdance moment or a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland party - it's hours of work, work, work!

Finally, a contemporary documentary for the masses to see just that.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

Artist of the Week

My artist of the week is my mom. You won't find any of her fabulous creations on the internet or in a gallery or store anywhere. In fact, most of the beautiful paper dolls, fashion designs and oil paintings, she created no longer exist due to a terrible flood in our family home basement some twenty odd years ago. That doesn't mean they don't exist in my memories. When my mom (mom #1) passed away when I was in my twenties, I had hoped to maintain and pass on her hand drawn paper dolls and their divine wardrobe (also designed and drawn by mom) to my daughter. Not being artistically inclined in the visual art realm, I can only describe them to my daughter. I pass on to her my love for movement and creativity. The drawing and painting moved through me to my sons and there it manifests itself. My daughter and youngest son - dance, the middle two children - draw. Thank you, Mimi!

My mom, known as Mimi, to her three daughters, was Margaret Ann Latten. She was an only child and was raised in Austin, Texas. When she went to college at Talledega College in Alabama, she met my dad. She graduated and they moved first to New York City (and created my older sister and I) and then to Detroit (where the last daughter was created). She worked for the Civil Rights Commission until her late diagnosed Lupus forced her into an early retirement. She was a wonderful mother, with all the ups and downs that went with it. She shaped most of the way I view the world and how I raise my own brood. She was the first one to show me that nothing you want to do is impossible if you work with perseverance to get it. She built bookcases and sewed prom dresses from newspaper patterns. She wore all her mom hats well and I only hope that as I travel on this path, that I wear my 'hats' just as well. Thank you, Mimi!

I found this adorable book at the local library this past week and just had to check it out. I wondered if these 31 uses included any of the uses my children have for their mom. You know, those "mom hats". The very first use in the book is TIME accompanied by a delightful drawing of a mom standing at the door, waiting for her child to leave on the school bus.

The uses go on to include such time honored classics as #6 Doctor, #27 Bank, #28 Tweezer, and #18 Party Planner. It doesn't include some of my all time "faves". I could continue the list by adding:
#32 Personal Groomer (really you put those pants with that shirt?)
#32 Laundress (I just washed those, can you just put them away?)
#34 Homework Assistant (I haven't done algebraic expressions in twenty years, I don't know the answer!)
#35 Life Coach (maybe she just isn't the one for you right now, how about an ice cream cone?)

What would you add to the list?

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

Social Media Thursdays
 So Mother’s Day is on the way and here are a few ways you can pay tribute to your mom in the great big cyber world –

Change your status to a testimonial about your mom “Loving my mom today and everyday! Here’s to you on Mother’s Day!”

Tweet about the places you’ll go (Mom and I at Love That Crepe Restaurant in Brooklyn” or the things you’ll give (Great mom gift from

Upload a photo montage of mom on Flickr

Stumble some sweet mom blogs or items like or EightTreeStreet’s beautiful wreaths at

Pin a Mother’s Day Wish List or Virtual Gifts For Mom on Pinterest!

There’s so many more – ring in with your social media mommy testimony ideas. Feel free to pass these ideas on to your children, innocent of any expected action on their part, of course (a-hem).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 9, 2012

Anything Can Happen Day!

Wednesday is Men's Health Awareness Day!

Okay, so not officially anywhere, at least I don't think so, but what the heck! I am currently involved in an event that's going on in my area (Flint) all about getting men to take care of themselves. I thought the men in my life were anomalies, but I have found out that, no, they are part of the norm. How about your significant others? Dads? Sons?

Here's the typical conversation in my house....

Him: Wow, honey, come feel my forehead, do I feel hot to you?
Me: Hot as in 'gosh aren't you a sexy hunk of mankind' or hot as in 'blazing inferno of disease ridden germs'?
Him: I think I might be coming down with something. You think I got the flu?
Me: Mmmm...(feeling forehead, while kicking toys out from underfoot)....maybe you should make a doctor's appointment? What else doesn't "feel well"?
Him: Naww, I'll just rest today and let you take care of me. Maybe some chicken noodle soup or some tea?
Me: (looking around at the two piles of laundry, a stack of homework to assist the kids with, dinner thawing on the stove) LET ME take care of you? With my postage stamped medical degree? You can heat up a can of soup. I'm a little swamped here.
Him: Fine. Just let me die then....
Me: Call the doctor...
Him: Forget it. I'll be fine. It's probably something I ate. 

Yep - the dreaded doctor, right on that same line with asking directions and putting the toilet seat down! I mean, really, it's too difficult to go see the person who did all the training to help you take care of yourself and tell him that you possibly may have something wrong? And if they find something, now to go take care of it? Actively seek out treatment?

My dad had a stroke some years back. His doctor said, "Stop smoking, cut back on the fried foods, take time to smell the roses....". What did my dad do? Please know it wasn't ANY of the above. So, many petit-mals later and a second grand-mal seizure, he is now bed-ridden and cranky. Did we (read "he") learn a lesson from this? Nooooo....Physical therapist comes to the house, my dad won't talk, won't look at, won't listen to.....AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

I have three wonderful sons. The donors to their lives (their two dads) are headed down that same path - I feel like I'm on a that game show - No Whammies! No Whammies! - except they are screaming - No Doctors! No Doctors!  Mean old mommy has put her sons on a medical regimen. Physical exams = 1x per year,  Eye and Ears = 1x per year, like clockwork - same time every year. Medical care should become like a good habit. 

Some of the many areas men should check on a regular (annually at least): 
  • Physical Fitness (Endurance, Agility)
  • Stress Level
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Nutritional Health
  • Mental Health
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose/Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • COPD/Lung Capacity
  • Calcium/Bone

Consider it as a "Tune Up" for your "car" - wouldn't want "Betsy" to go to the dump, would you? How's your guy doing? Does he go to the doctor or is he a "self-help" guru? 

You know, guilt can go a long in "Don't you want to see Jr graduate? Just go to the doctor, so I feel better about our future."


May 8, 2012

Product of the Week 

Well, since I've been gone for so long, I have quite a few of these Tuesdays to make up. My challenge was to create 52 new items this year and I plan to meet that challenge. I have, by my calculations, and please feel free to correct me if I am misguided, eight Tuesdays to make up, so I will be doubling or tripling my Tuesday products until I catch up. Here are the listings for May 8th and March 13th ^_^!

"Sweetie, Baby, Pumpkin, Honey" Refining Sugar Scrub
"Fizzzzzzzzers" Bath Bombs

"Sweetie, Baby, Pumpkin, Honey Refining Sugar Scrub" - A refining and moisturizing shower scrub. This yummy smelling sugar scrub contains real pumpkin and honey to help bring a dewy glow to your skin. Can be used as a facial scrub as well.

"Fizzzzzzzzers" - Gentle exfoliating baking soda make these bath bombs double fun! Drop the whole bomb into the tub for effervescing fun or break off chunks (hammer not included) and savor the fizzz for several experiences. The bigger the piece, the longer the fizzzzzzzz! These are a limited edition item - available in Green Tea (green bag), Lake (blue bag), Pear (purple bag) and Vanilla (white bag). Each Fizzzzzzer is a whopping six and a half ounces!

How are you doing with your 2012 challenges?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun With Music and Video Mondays

I have been a fan of Elton John since the formative years and continue to be. For whatever reason, he and his wonderful music have been on my mind quite a bit lately, so I pulled out two of his song videos (one official, one live performance)to share with you.

Thanks for viewing and listening! PS ~ I'm back on the blog ^_^