Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday is a real good news-day! For those of you old enough to remember the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funnicello amongst others, you'll remember that song. That being said, nope, no good news except that nothing bad has happened.
My sister and I have decided that Twitter was really made for men. Men who want to announce to you all day the little highlights of their lives - "I walked the dog" or "I gotta joke for you" or "Guess who's playing on World Celebrity Poker tonight". All these as you, the joyful woman receiving these little pearls of wisdom, are about to teach a class, go into a meeting with your boss or sitting in rush hour traffic with 5 minutes to get the kids from school on time. These are the same men, who, when you need to discuss the repairs on the roof before the snow falls, or Davey needs braces and what's the state of our dental insurance, suddenly fall into a self-induced coma or become hard of hearing or respond with "could this wait until the commercial, honey?" Twitter!
Knowing that my news and information come in line behind somewhere after new brands of after shave and the funny kitty litter commercial on cable, I stopped seeking my other half's input on the "mundane" matters in my life. I taught myself how to change the washers on the kitchen faucet, how to patch my son's bike tire, who to call when I had questions about auto insurance coverage. I learned how to build a bookshelf, how to create an entertainment center from multiple shelving units, how to blog....how to look elsewhere for the answers, how to rely upon myself, how to be self sufficient and confident in my both my "yahoos" and my mistakes. I don't mean that I don't talk to him or want his participation in those matters. It means that I don't NEED those things from him, so when it doesn't happen, I am not unfulfilled, he just missed a great opportunity to share something with me.

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