Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cooking Daze

One of the things I had lost was the joy of cooking. I have always enjoyed trying new recipes and news styles of eating. My children have an expansive palate. Their teacher commented last year about their school lunches from home - sushi, grape leaves and hummus, seafood patties, walking tacos, etc. Being un-employed, has given me the chance to cook again. Somehow, when you're working three jobs a day, Ronald McDonald and the Burger King start to become really good friends.
Day before yesterday, I made Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower in place of the mashed potatoes. I bought the cutest little ramekins from Target (the one spot, 4 multi colored ramekins for $2.50).
Another fun day in the kitchen. Cheese stuffed turkey meatloaf with sides.

July 19, 2011
So I'm not cooking this week because I'll be gone from the house and the children. So I've come up with a plan of menus for the week that utilize precooked meats and lots of veggies.
Tuesday - B=cereal and milk, L=chicken nuggets and baked beans, D=chicken burgers with fresh veggies and chips
Wednesday - B=pancakes, L=lunch meat sandwiches, D=vegetable lasagna, steamed broccoli
Thursday - B=cereal and milk, L=ramen noodles, D=cesar chicken breasts, carrots and rice
Friday - B=waffles, L=SpaghettiO's, D=pulled pork sandwiches with fries
Saturday - B=cereal and mik, L=lunch meat sandwiches, D=pizza (carryout)
Sunday - B=pancakes, L=pulled pork sandwiches or pizza leftovers, D=turkey fettucine alfredo
I'll ring in on Tuesday to let you know how it all went! Oh and the total cost for this week of food - $79.83, which is $13.31 per day, 4.44 per meal for 4 people is 1.11 per person, per meal, per day. No bad, not bad at all.
See ya!

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