Tuesday, August 2, 2011

December 20, 2010

After much excuse-making and self-defeat, I am starting the path to the NEW ME!! Taking back the control of my life, includes regaining control over my eating habits - so no more "Breakfast Supplement" (a milkshake at 8am) or poor food choices.
I moved myself and my 3 sons, 14, 13 and 5 out of my LTP's (living together partner) home because we were no longer traveling on the same paths. He wanted us to stay as we were 11.5 years ago and I have changed, as have the children. Lots of tense nights and mornings, yelling matches, etc later, I decided that if we were to salvage our relationship and ourselves, changes had to be made. So I moved out.
In coming to this decision, I realized that I had "ka-bloomed" from a size 8 (after the birth of the last) to a flabby size 20. I'm short, 5'2', it's not what I see for myself. So out of the stretch pants and big tops and back to the clothes that hang in closet, forgotten.
My goal is to lose 50 pounds and lots of inches. So I'm starting today. Right now. Had a real breakfast - shredded mini wheats, banana and milk. Getting ready to go to church (something else my dear ltp didn't agree with). Wish me....not luck....MOTIVATION!
  • Day Two of the Journey.Still feeling very motivated. Yesterday had a baked potato with spinach, cheese and garlic butter for lunch. Did a big salad for dinner. Pretzel crisps with low-cal dip for snack. Did the Core Rhythms 20 minute workout.Today - Lunch date with the Ex and I teach my adult dance class tonight. Carrot and cucumber chips for snacking is the plan. I have to pick up the measuring tape today so that I can record inches as well as pounds.I am so going to do this!!!

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