Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

Treasure Hunting!

In the spirit of "All Things Treasure Hunting", here is a little something to get you in the mood!

10 of the Best Treasure Hunt Movies!

Reprinted from Saturday, March 26 by Andrew Jett
Treasure hunt movies prove that there’s nothing better than a good adventure. Full of action, intrigue and danger at every turn, treasure hunt movies feature a climactic objective no other film genre can match.
1. “National Treasure.” Nicholas Cage became a bona fide action star with this treasure hunt movie. Cage plays a historian with a knack for solving puzzles. When he begins to unravel clues to a secret treasure dating back to the Revolutionary War, Cage has to steal the Declaration of Independence and use it as a map during his hunt.

2. “The Goonies.” If you can manage to suspend disbelief, this treasure hunt movie is full of campy, improbable fun. Sean Astin leads an ensemble cast of young misfits whose parents are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Astin just happens to find an old pirate treasure map in his attic, and soon the cast is surrounded by booby traps on their subterranean hunt for the gold.  

3. “Sahara.” This treasure hunt movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn as treasure hunters in search of a Confederate boat stuffed with gold coins. Their quest eventually leads them to Africa, where they tangle with a power-hungry businessman.

4. “Romancing the Stone.” Michael Douglas was at his best in this treasure hunt movie. This film tells the story of a mysterious map that reveals the location of a priceless emerald in the jungles of Columbia. Danny DeVito also provides a hilarious performance as the bumbling antagonist to Douglas’ rugged hero.

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5. “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Likely the most beloved of all treasure hunt movies, this film introduced the world t Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford stars as the iconic hero in this first installment of the franchise, and there’s no shortage of action here. Ford spends the movie evading Nazis as he hunts for the ultimate treasure: the Ark of the Covenant.

6. “Three Kings.” In this strange and unique version of a treasure hunt movie, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube star as soldiers during the Gulf War. This film follows the trio as they hunt for hidden bunkers that are rumored to contain stolen gold bullion.

7. “Trespass." Bill Paxton stars as a fireman who gets tangled up with a street gang in this treasure hunt movie. While searching for a secret cache of treasure in an abandoned building, Paxton witnesses a gang murder by kingpin Ice-T. With his cover blown, Paxton must hunt for the gold as Ice-T and his gang chase him throughout the building.

8. “Jewel of the Nile.” As the sequel to the successful film “Romancing the Stone,” this treasure hunt movie already had a winning formula. Former adversaries Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito team up to find a valuable jewel in the African desert, dodging shady characters and spine-tingling danger throughout their hunt.

9. “The Deep.” Once you get past the jaw-dropping opening scenes courtesy of Jacqueline Bisset, this film is one of the more interesting treasure hunt movies you’ll find. Nick Nolte stars alongside Bisset as a novice treasure hunter who stumbles upon an old Spanish medallion. Their hunt for the medallion’s origin leads them to a shipwreck off the coast of Bermuda, where they acquire the attention of a dangerous local drug kingpin.

10. “City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly’s Gold.” Probably the least appreciated of all treasure hunt movies, this sequel took a different direction than the original. Billy Crystal stars as a middle-aged father out for one more adventure. He finds it in the form of a treasure map hidden inside a cowboy hat. With his friends in tow, Crystal embarks on an epic hunt for gold in the desert o the American Southwest.


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