Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

So many things going on this week, I decided to try a new trick for my blogs. What's the trick you ask? Okay, hold your breath, it's an amazing thing........"Plan My Blogs"! I know right, calm down, settle down over there in the back. Never in a million would have seen that one coming, right?

For you regular bloggers, I'm sure this is no world trade secret, this planning, but for me - goodness knows, I'm usually typing frantically, trying to decide on a topic at about 4am, bleary eyed and stumbly fingered. But no more! Or at least I'm gonna try for "No more".

If I come up with a suitable plan, which I think I have, this will ultimately make blogging not only easier but much more fun for me and hopefully interesting for you.

I'm still working out the kinks of this (what kinks, you say? I hear you scoffing in the background) but I tried it last week and it was cool and I'm going to do it again for the next two weeks. It should be a habit in no time and smoothly transition into part of my weekly "run-around-like-a-chicken-with-two-heads-where-one-head- is-cut-off-and-one-leg-has-a-bum-foot" routine. You don't know that routine? Really? You must not be a semi stay at home, trying to be self employed, mother of four (ages 21-15-13-6), with no car and multiple one....anyone? Alrighty then (big sigh)


So my first blog for the week is this one - obviously - and you'll just have to check back for the rest. I know you're thinking - Yeah, cause she doesn't have a plan. Hah, I do to - I'm taking my cues from the Original Mickey Mouse Club plan -
  • Mondays - Fun With Music                                                       (LL101) Fun with Music and Video
  • Tuesdays - Guest Star Day                                                        (LL101) Getting To Know Who
  • Wednesdays - Anything Can Happen Day                                 (LL101) Anything Can Happen
  • Thursdays - Circus Day                                                             (LL101) Social Media Day (Pinterest, Kaboodle, etc) 
  • Fridays - Talent Round-Up Day                                                (LL101) Formerly known as "Artist to Know"

So, now you that you tortured my plan from me, here is today's fab video -

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


  1. I am sure this will make blogging more fun for you.

    When I discovered that I could pre-schedule my blog posts, it opened a whole new (relaxed) world to me. Now I generally have posts ready about a week ahead, except for my Weekly Challenge and some spontaneous posts.

  2. Wow, I can't write as often as you do. But I did finally discover that I can work on multiple drafts and save them, and publish them when they are ready. That's awesome!

  3. LL I'm with you! became your follower yay! I need to spend more time with my blog again too!*sigh* what sigh? no more sighs!! let's do this!!:))

  4. ahhh a plan. good for you girl!
    love the vid. hehe

  5. I don't have a specific plan for each day of the week, but I do try to work ahead as much as possible. I keep a list of post ideas near my regular to-do list, and that helps a TON.

  6. Wow... good luck! That is on my agenda for the New Year.. .I will check back to see how it is working for you!~

  7. Congratulations! I am attempting to plan my blog posts too...I've not been too successful so far lol. I did figure out how to save a draft so I can write up 1/2 a post at night and finish it in the morning. I wish you much success!