Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 9, 2012

Anything Can Happen Day!

Wednesday is Men's Health Awareness Day!

Okay, so not officially anywhere, at least I don't think so, but what the heck! I am currently involved in an event that's going on in my area (Flint) all about getting men to take care of themselves. I thought the men in my life were anomalies, but I have found out that, no, they are part of the norm. How about your significant others? Dads? Sons?

Here's the typical conversation in my house....

Him: Wow, honey, come feel my forehead, do I feel hot to you?
Me: Hot as in 'gosh aren't you a sexy hunk of mankind' or hot as in 'blazing inferno of disease ridden germs'?
Him: I think I might be coming down with something. You think I got the flu?
Me: Mmmm...(feeling forehead, while kicking toys out from underfoot)....maybe you should make a doctor's appointment? What else doesn't "feel well"?
Him: Naww, I'll just rest today and let you take care of me. Maybe some chicken noodle soup or some tea?
Me: (looking around at the two piles of laundry, a stack of homework to assist the kids with, dinner thawing on the stove) LET ME take care of you? With my postage stamped medical degree? You can heat up a can of soup. I'm a little swamped here.
Him: Fine. Just let me die then....
Me: Call the doctor...
Him: Forget it. I'll be fine. It's probably something I ate. 

Yep - the dreaded doctor, right on that same line with asking directions and putting the toilet seat down! I mean, really, it's too difficult to go see the person who did all the training to help you take care of yourself and tell him that you possibly may have something wrong? And if they find something, now to go take care of it? Actively seek out treatment?

My dad had a stroke some years back. His doctor said, "Stop smoking, cut back on the fried foods, take time to smell the roses....". What did my dad do? Please know it wasn't ANY of the above. So, many petit-mals later and a second grand-mal seizure, he is now bed-ridden and cranky. Did we (read "he") learn a lesson from this? Nooooo....Physical therapist comes to the house, my dad won't talk, won't look at, won't listen to.....AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

I have three wonderful sons. The donors to their lives (their two dads) are headed down that same path - I feel like I'm on a that game show - No Whammies! No Whammies! - except they are screaming - No Doctors! No Doctors!  Mean old mommy has put her sons on a medical regimen. Physical exams = 1x per year,  Eye and Ears = 1x per year, like clockwork - same time every year. Medical care should become like a good habit. 

Some of the many areas men should check on a regular (annually at least): 
  • Physical Fitness (Endurance, Agility)
  • Stress Level
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Nutritional Health
  • Mental Health
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose/Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • COPD/Lung Capacity
  • Calcium/Bone

Consider it as a "Tune Up" for your "car" - wouldn't want "Betsy" to go to the dump, would you? How's your guy doing? Does he go to the doctor or is he a "self-help" guru? 

You know, guilt can go a long way...as in "Don't you want to see Jr graduate? Just go to the doctor, so I feel better about our future."



  1. Guilt can go a long way and I shall remember this for the future. Hopefully your dad will start listening. :)

  2. :)Unfortunately, you can't do nothing... it needs to come from him, He need to do the switch in HIS mind. In the moment it will hit him,he will change his bad habits which is not easy at all but worth it !!! You can just expose him to health in a gentle way you know not directly...
    Good Luck :)

  3. THANKS!! i am glad you talked about men's health! as one of the few etsy guys i feel overlooked sometimes!! :-)

  4. I agree on this so much! I have been so lucky to have both my dad and husband quit smoking over the last year, I am SO proud of them! But do they still baby what ails them? Oh, YES! :) Thanks so much for the post, a nice reminder that I am NOT alone in this struggle to keep them healthy!

  5. This is sooo true with most men... my dad passed away 2 years ago with cancer after being diagnosed 30 days earlier... never saw a doctor in 25 years!

    Hubby has not seen doctor in over 10 years! Son only goes when forced to!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments! Although I took a lighthearted approach to this blog, this is a topic very dear to me! Get and keep our men healthy!!!

  7. Since I am a nurse, I am all about getting my husband to go the dr. for check-ups, he also has migraines, so he sees a neurologist frequently. I am lucky that he is a very proactive person and is into medicine and health as much as I am. Love this post!