Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

 Fun With Music and Video Mondays

Oh my goodness, this trailer for this documentary brought tears to my eyes. As a dancer, I started at the age of 3, it is so hard to get people to understand what this means. It's like so accepted if your child is training to be an athlete, but no one gets the sacrifice, dedication and love you need for a dancer. I've always told my students that dancing is very black and white in your dedication. You either love it or you don't. Whatever discipline you choose, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ethnic, praise, hip hop, ballroom - you have to love it! It's not a Flashdance moment or a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland party - it's hours of work, work, work!

Finally, a contemporary documentary for the masses to see just that.


  1. Looks very interesting! And you're so, work, work!

  2. I started classical ballet at age four. I'm quite proud I stuck with it for thirteen years, before college life took over. Yes, it requires discipline and hours of work. Thanks for sharing this!