Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Fun With Music and Video Mondays

Today marks YouTube's 7th Birthday!!! To celebrate, they put together a short video to celebrate this awesome occasion.

This is what YouTube has to say about their birthday and video -
"On Monday, May 21, we celebrate seven years since we first shared YouTube with the world. To commemorate this occasion, here's an updated video with some of the crazy statistics and incredible things you've been a part of in that time. Thanks for the amazing things you watch, create, and share!"

And now here's the video

Happy Birthday, YouTube !


  1. It's fun to see all the data together in one video. You Tube really has changed the way we get our news!

  2. Wow great clip, thanks for sharing
    I turn to youtube for everything from tutorials, how-tos and music

  3. I love YouTube! I watch it every day. I had no idea it was their birthday. I'll eat a piece of cake just for them! :P