Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Fun With Music and Videos

The internet is a fabulous thing when used for the right reasons. I was surfing the YouTube world and came across this cool little tutorial - check it out!

And since most of you know, I don't sew, I have figured out how to do this with a hot glue gun, duct tape and safety pins - I'll be posting my look-a-like bag next week!

Would you like to see your video tutorial here? Or your product infomercial? Send me an email with a link and you may just get featured on a Monday Fun With Video and Music!!!

And yes, I'm back to my regular weekly blogging. More about why I was away tomorrow!


  1. What a great idea... thanks for posting... lol ... can not wait to see yours! Duct tape and all...

  2. YouTube can be such a great learning tool! Can't wait to see your glue gun, duct tape and safety pin bag :)