Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 11, 2012

Anything Can Happen Wednesday

New Treasury, New Story - something a little more "Dick Tracy" style, I think. You know, Noir Detective novels....

And so we begin,
“Black and White and Blue All Over”

It didn’t matter how long I stood in that steaming shower, scrubbing the day’s grime from my body, I couldn’t get the image of that dame, those pearls caressing her neck, as she paced back and forth in my office. I first saw her at my office, just after quitting time. 
“Do you know what the color blue tastes like, Mr. Danger?” I wasn’t expecting anybody, when I looked and saw her standing in the doorway. A drag on my cigarette was the only answer I had. She came into the office and I got the full picture – the red heels, the long legs, the fur coat and those pearls.  “Mr. Danger? You are Rick Danger, aren’t you?” “That’s what the sign on the door says lady. And, uh, who might you be?”

Okay folks, the ball is in your hands, have fun!


  1. I am the new secretary as you see. I have long and fast fingers to type and work with your typing machine.

    LOL that is so funny!!

  2. I'm a client. I have an old photo of my grandparents. Can you help me find any of these people if they are still alive. There is a family secret I must check out. It could be dangerous!

  3. I am Kim Kardashian and I need a place to lie low for a while, the paparazzi don't know I am here!

  4. I am the killer, pretending to be a victim...:):)

  5. The name`s pussy, galore

    oh wait that`s been done and you got no cats here lemony! :D

  6. My name is Sheryl Crow. I caught you eyeballing my pearls or was it something else? Do you want to sing a song with me. Lets go get a drink.

    So fun.lol

  7. I'm a torch singer, looking for my big break! ;-D

  8. "I don't have time for your jokes, as you can see, I have work to do"
    All seriousness returned to her face
    "Whatever you say Mr Danger, I need your help, I'm told you're the only one who can help me"
    I regarded her carefully, "Help you with what?"
    A shadow came over her eyes, but instead of answering my question, she reached into her purse pulled out a small black and white, floral case and handed it to me.
    I opened the zipper, took one look inside, and nearly dropped it. Inside was an antique silver bracelet with a jet black stone in the center.
    I knew this bracelet, I had spent years searching for it
    "Who are you?" I wanted to ask, instead, I asked as calmly as my voice would allow
    "Where did you get this?"

  9. Those legs moved over to the chair in front of my desk and she eased herself down gracefully, pearls swinging as she moved. My cigarette hung on my lips. Oh, I could fall for this one.
    "I have been wearing this bracelet since my sister was killed," she began in a whisper. "She gave it to me the day before she died. I've been searching for her killer and finally have a lead, a lead that brought me here to the Big Apple. I've heard you are the best detective in this city and I need your help."

  10. So fun, I'm glad you did it again.

    Mr. Danger, before I answer your questions, I gotta know what YOU know about the bracelet. Is the rumor true?

  11. I was an English teacher for 15 years and now publish a sport magazine. This was lots of fun. Can't wait to read what others write. I'll be back . . .

  12. What a GREAT idea....I can't believe I didn't get to participate because all the items were used up. Oh well....maybe I'll do better next time.

  13. "Ha! Wouldn't you like to know?" She turned herself towards me. "But the bigger question is, who will YOU be after taking my case? A world-renowned detective? A millionaire? Or..." she steps closer, "perhaps..." her eyes downcast, "someone more... dependable?" The last word rolled off her tongue, slowly and deliberately, as if she drew the sharp-tipped knitting needle from her purse and knew the exact spot on my body in which the metal would penetrate the deepest.

    I turn and, in as casual of a manner as I can summon, settle down before my typewriter, where I was in the middle of responding to an urgent request before her intrusion...

  14. I am always a day late and a dollar short. One day I am going to make it in time to participate :)

  15. wow, quite a turn on the story, I want to hear the rest