Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Here's your only clue to today's Promotional Frenzy Team Leader Tribute - Mary Tyler Moore was a young, Exuberant, "girl-about-town". Always available to perk up your day, even when hers wasn't going so well, Mary was the epitome of young career women during the 70's. So now forty years later, we have our very own "It Girl", a fashion icon in the making, our very own Magda of MagdaMagdaFashion!

In her own words, "Being a self-taught designer from Romania, I enjoy and try to make the most of my uniquely novel experience in India where I live, love and create at the moment! I love the creative process, to sink deep and go far and get to a surprise destination can bring so much inner satisfaction - so that's my favorite game!
I inherited sewing genes from my grandmothers, so it was just a matter of time till I started sewing. One of my grandmothers taught me how to knit by the age of 4 and that’s also when i started to fervently fill notebooks with dress designs. In primary school I was filling my spare time with a bit of everything – fashion sketches, knitting with brushes (coz my mother used to hide the knitting needles from me – yes, I was the ultimate threat to useful thread, and yes I was that determined!). Also curtains were transformed into skirts, skirts into tops thanks to my voracious and obsessive talent:. I love that I dared work on bags and accessories also and added new flavor and glamor to projects that included recycled materials. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of my blouse designs, its a different experience that leads to each one of them and I’m always looking forward to my next one."

Here's some of the exciting items you can find in Magda's shop

Magda is our team's Information Station - need to know about something, need some pointers on how to get a task accomplished, not sure what that darn button does over there - Check with Magda! A seemingly tireless, plethora of information, she's always willing to lend a helping hand when she can, even when it's the middle of the night in her part of the world!

Here's to a wonderful woman. Don't forget to tell all your friends, "we knew her when...." Thanks, Magda for all you do for the team and your teammies!


  1. what a fantastic feature on our girl and yes she is Thoroughly Modern Magda! gotta love her!

  2. A wonderful Feature about a wonderful young woman!

  3. Awesome feature. I love Magda and I too agree....Thoroughly Modern!

  4. I LOVE our dear Magda. She is smart, full of info, and generous with her time and help. And what an artist!!!!!! Great blog, Denise!

  5. What an amazing and fun feature. And yes, I too knew Magda when!!! We wouldn't be quite the team we are without our dear Magda!

  6. Magda is a wonderful artist and lady... she is amazing in all the knowledge she has... proud to be on a team with her.