Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Lostlemonade

This blog was created to give hope and motivation to people who have to start over in their lives.
Why “lostlemonade”?  — Lemonade, to me, has always been about sunshine and light. It oozes freshness and fun. Several years ago, I began to loose my “lemonade”. My job and my home life were sapping my moxie in little dribbles everyday. The shorter version of the long story (which will be revealed through this blog as we go through renewal together) is that one small change in my life, helped me see that I had lost myself in the process. So I began a journey to find my lemons and sugar and ice, pitcher, stirrer, everything, so that I could once again be about sunshine and light, freshness and fun.
Good days and bad days, I’ll be here. Feel free to join me.

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