Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011 - Birthday Giveaway Coming Soon

I am so excited about the upcoming holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday! Okay, so my birthday isn't a national holiday, but it's still a great reason for me to celebrate. Stay tuned for LostLemonade's 1st Annual Birthday Bash Giveaway Contest. Rules and Gift will be posted next week!


 Soap Series

August 24, 2011

Day Three - I haven't wavered yet, so this is a good sign. I know there are sayings out there about how many times it takes to do something before it becomes a habit. Okay, so that number for me is probably 948. Especially if it's a good habit I'm trying to instill. Things like not biting my nails (accomplished during middle school, thank you), not eating large meals late (only took 55 days, amazing), making an item a day for my shop (okay, still working on that one, but its only been 93 days, I've got time). Of course, you know, bad habits take about 3 seconds to instill - eat the second brownie, use the styrofoam plates one more night (who really wants to wash the dishes?)

Began my new mode of operation with my boys last night. Not too bad, but definitely different. I had to breathe and choke back some things that I would have normally said and done. But it worked! They were confused, then angry, then confused again and then .... they did what was expected of them! I have to stick to my guns on this one.

Update: Huge blow up with middle son this afternoon. He had made plans for Thursday, but on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, he failed to follow the directions that were given to him. I did as I was directed to do - give the direction, turn and walk away, expect him to follow through. Sooo, this evening when he asked about his plans for tomorrow, I simply stated "You're not going." Wait three beats for the shock to pass through his body and then "Why not?!" I calmly replied that he had failed to do what was asked of him and then cited the two occasions where he dropped the ball. Twenty minutes of him trying, unsuccessfully, to argue why this was so totally unfair (this was a really hard time for me, middle son and I have yelling matches often) and my continuing to repeat that he had not done what was asked of him, calmly and quietly. I told him after 10 minutes (probably 9 minutes too long) that the conversation was closed and that I wasn't going to change my mind. Ninety minutes later, he came to me and apologized for yelling, said that he understood his consequences for his behavior and that he understood that I was simply working on trying to help him be more responsible. WOW!!!

We'll see what happens next. Onward and upward!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Today's theme is: Time For Change. I spent the weekend at a wonderful dance workshop in Kalamazoo, MI. It was really a great time. Besides learning some new dance routines (choreography, to us dance-y types), I met some great women, and men, had a chance to focus on my goals and get some cool business promoting/growing tips. It was, again, a really great time. Now, it's Monday and it's time to begin putting all that I learned into action!

I also started reading a new book about changing my children's attitude, behavior and character in 5 days. I love my kids (ages 20, 14, 13, & 6) and I think that, overall, I have good children. They represent house and home training pretty well when they are with others. Are they "pod children" (think Stepford Wives)? No-by no means are they scary good. We have issues like many families, rebellious moments, whining, temper tantrums, etc. So this book tells me that I can have better behaved children, mainly by focusing on my behavior. Okay, that makes sense. I just have to have the consistency and will power to maintain the "rules" and not back down. That's where you come in, dear follower and reader. I'll be listing this week, the things that I need to achieve to affect...effect...create change in my world. You see, I know that if I am accountable to someone, I will get it done, because I don't want to say I didn't do something.

So, here's the plan for this week - 1. Have a "Meeting Of One" daily - this meeting with myself is the first order of business everyday. The goals of the meeting are to assess what needs to be physically accomplished for the day, list my business/personal/family goals and brainstorm ways to meet those goals, record progress, problems and possible solutions to stumbling blocks and map the plan of action for the day.

Today's List (Monday, August 22, 2011
  • Prayer Session
  • Meeting Of One
  • Walk Two Miles
  • Daily Blog Entry
  • Read "Have A New Kid..." Intro & Monday Chapter (complete lessons)
  • Task List - Physical Needs (short term)
  • Task List - Virtual Needs (long range)

So I'm off now to get started on the things on my Physical Needs Task List. Check out my Artist of the Week on the Art Commons page and have a great Monday! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I collected this beautiful treasury of browns and grays in honor of one of my favorite songs "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas and The Poppas. For those of you who don't know this song, the video follows the treasury.
Needle/Brush/Pencil Holder
Brown Buttoned Brim Beanie

Fingerless Mittens

Chocolate Brown PARKER

Copper Mixed Beads and Chain

Golden Caramel Acrylic Cabochons

One Last Bite Fine Art Print

Button Ring Mocha Baguette

Zippered Pouch/Cosmetic Bag

Chocolate Brown Cuff Bracelet
Crocheted Coffee Clutch Purse
Heavy Bronze Link Chain Bracelet
Starfish On Sand At Beach ACEO Photo

Crocheted Bear Hat

Handmade Trellis Swirls Lampwork Beads

And now, The Mamas and The Poppas....
Check out the bathtub dancers at the end!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Tuesday this week, I participated in my first BNR treasury. I was unsure of how they worked, exactly, and was anxious about whether or not I should try it. I just didn't understand how the buyer came to the BNR, who participated, the whole nine yards. I finally decided I would just watch this one happen and decide from there.

Whew! Talk about a rush of energy and activity! It's like "auction house" meets "treasury collection"! People were calling out buys, replacing items, chatting, getting permissions, responding to questions. This is not a place for the "weak hearted" buyer or seller, that's for sure. I had a blast and am so looking forward to next Tuesday's Promotional Frenzy Team's BNR Treasury (find the link here on Tuesday around 3pm Eastern Time).

At one point, when I decided to actually get into the "game", I got lost in the pace. My PFT teammies had a good giggle at that one - "Hey, where's Lost?" "Did Lost get lost?" "Somebody go find Lost!" And thanks to ToyStoryNutty and the PFT Curator of the Hour, I was found again and quickly got into the swing of things.

Thanks to KuteKlipboardsbyAmy for the compliment and to Gogogorobot for welcoming me back from oblivion and a purchase. Also want to thank Isabelafelix and GreenhouseGlassworks for purchasing from my shop.

It was amazing - the last count I saw was 116 sales overall! Join in the fun next week! Check back here for the link and Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011


Out Of The Box Sampler Team 400 Treasury Giveaway!

Click the link below to Enter! You could be a WINNER!
Out Of The Box Sampler Team 400 Treasury Giveaway

Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

reprinted from Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
how to steal like an artist and 9 other things nobody told me

Steal Like An Artist
Note: This is a slightly edited version of a talk Austin gave yesterday at Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York. It’s a simple list of 10 things he wished he had heard when he was in college.

all advice is autobiographical ymmv
"All advice is autobiographical.
It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past. This list is me talking to a previous version of myself.
Your mileage may vary."                                       -Austin Kleon

After reading this succinct little list, I began to think about how true this ideas are in relation to myself. 

1.Just this past weekend, I went into a corporate candle store and browsed around for fall and winter inspiration. I window shopped for about twenty minutes and came away with thirty ideas for products. Of those thirty, yeah, maybe half will make to the experiment table and then maybe ten will actually make it to the production stage and half again to the etsy shop and become a proud member of the Lostlemonade family. Yep, stealing.

2. LostLemonade is all about finding moments to just be yourself. If you read my profile, you know that I began this quest a study in self-renewal - finding the things about myself that I had lost or were in a deep, deep comatose like sleep. So far on the journey, I have found (or remembered) that I love my children, I like cooking, I am creative and some other things I won't mention here. Okay so, making before knowing - got that one too.

3. My friend recently invited me to start journal-ing again. It's releasing and refreshing. Kinda like squeezing those lemons and then savoring the sweet taste afterward. Once a week, I go back and re-read the past journal entries. I laugh, I cry, I shake my head just like I'm reading a good Jodi Picoult or Elizabeth Berg or sometimes Stephen King. So I guess I'm guilty on count three as well.

4. Let's see I make soaps, scrubs, salts and soaks. Yep, I use my hands.

5. My co-main career is teaching and choreographing dance. There is such a reward in passing the arts on to others. There is no way for me to describe the peace I feel after a great workout with my adult dancers or the happiness after seeing my 4-6 year olds review their dance steps and laugh with delight at their accomplishment. It's the balancing break I need when that scrub won't scrub or the facial toner's pH is sky high. Austin was right on point here.

6. Three words: Promotional Frenzy Team. A group of artists who value friendship and fun and focus on promoting each other every day. I was nervous when I clicked that final button on Etsy to open my shop. What did I know about marketing on a large scale? In stepped the Frenzy Team leaders and co-Teammies. Major events like our AUGUST PROMO FRENZY SPECIAL bring the whole team together to offer great discounts to our customers and to bring new customers to new shops. Check out one of our artists on the Art Commons page in the Artist of the Week section. Then visit my facebook page and see some of the exciting collections gathered by our team members highlighting some of the beautiful items available. Bottom line: Make a good product and put it where people can see it. Right on, Austin!

7. Etsy is international. I may hang out 335 in Michigan (I travel to shows and to visit my daughter those other 30 days) but on Etsy, I'm in Istanbul, Dunkirk, Japan and California all at the same time. No more geographical limits here!

8./9. Be nice and be boring - well yeah.

10. My products are all about the natural. No man-made chemicals and alcohols in my items. This makes them safe for all ages and all genders. It's exactly what I don't put in my products that makes them MY products. 
To add to Austin's last tidbits,
I agree, all advice is autobiographical. I also believe that Hindsight is 20/20 and that we stack the deck when we remember (thanks, Stephen King for that sagery)

As you can see, my mileage didn't vary very much.
Till next time, see you through the screeen!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week of July 25 - 31, 2011




.•*¨)¸.•*¨)... I am a correctional officer and a grandmother. I took up sewing a number of years ago when I started working nights.
At first they were given as gifts, then all my family had quilts and it was getting very expensive, so I started selling a few to people at work.
.•*¨)¸.•*¨)... I really like to sew especially hand stitching. I now place some of my items at craft stores here on consignment but really like to sell my items personally.
.•*¨)¸.•*¨)... I make a number of different items - quilts, baby bibs & burp pads, aprons, placemats to name a few.
Custom service,...
.•*¨)¸.•*¨)... WELCOME TO MY SHOP .•*¨)¸.•*¨)...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cooking Daze

One of the things I had lost was the joy of cooking. I have always enjoyed trying new recipes and news styles of eating. My children have an expansive palate. Their teacher commented last year about their school lunches from home - sushi, grape leaves and hummus, seafood patties, walking tacos, etc. Being un-employed, has given me the chance to cook again. Somehow, when you're working three jobs a day, Ronald McDonald and the Burger King start to become really good friends.
Day before yesterday, I made Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower in place of the mashed potatoes. I bought the cutest little ramekins from Target (the one spot, 4 multi colored ramekins for $2.50).
Another fun day in the kitchen. Cheese stuffed turkey meatloaf with sides.

July 19, 2011
So I'm not cooking this week because I'll be gone from the house and the children. So I've come up with a plan of menus for the week that utilize precooked meats and lots of veggies.
Tuesday - B=cereal and milk, L=chicken nuggets and baked beans, D=chicken burgers with fresh veggies and chips
Wednesday - B=pancakes, L=lunch meat sandwiches, D=vegetable lasagna, steamed broccoli
Thursday - B=cereal and milk, L=ramen noodles, D=cesar chicken breasts, carrots and rice
Friday - B=waffles, L=SpaghettiO's, D=pulled pork sandwiches with fries
Saturday - B=cereal and mik, L=lunch meat sandwiches, D=pizza (carryout)
Sunday - B=pancakes, L=pulled pork sandwiches or pizza leftovers, D=turkey fettucine alfredo
I'll ring in on Tuesday to let you know how it all went! Oh and the total cost for this week of food - $79.83, which is $13.31 per day, 4.44 per meal for 4 people is 1.11 per person, per meal, per day. No bad, not bad at all.
See ya!

Find more recipes and fun cooking stuff on the Cooking Daze page!

March 21, 2011

This past weekend was an amazing whirlwind of emotions and activities. Actually, I guess it was more than the weekend, the entire week was chock full of stuff. Yes, I said "chock". My mom started her radiation treatments for breast cancer on Wednesday. Her appointments happen at 7:30 am, so that means the kids had to have new arrangements for getting to school. No problems there - the arrangements went smoothly. What it does change, however, is that we now have to be up at 6:00 am and on the road by 6:45 am. Thursday and Friday were dental appointments for my three sons. Oldest and youngest went on Thursday, middle on Friday. Friday afternoon was a meeting for a project I'm working on and then Friday night was my usual dance ministry rehearsals with my three groups of children, youth and teens. Oh, did I mention that during this rehearsal which I arrived late for, because the meeting that was supposed to be  at 10:30am got pushed back to 4:00pm and then ran over to 6:15pm, even though I was supposed to be at the church at 6:00pm, (shift gears here) I was also rehearsing my quartet, that was now a trio, for a presentation concert scheduled for Saturday. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.
About that quartet that became a trio - one dancer hurt her hip and had to pull out from the piece and then my son sprained and cut his toe at Taekwondo practice. So I tried to insert another dancer into the choreography, while my son hobbled around his dance steps. How many ways can you say "disaster"? Both directors for the concert voiced concern, but I told them the kids would be fine and we would work it out. My mind said "Trust God".
Saturday morning began at 4:30am. The middle son had an audition for The Disney Channel and the The Group (pronounced "tay" group) at 7:30am in downtown Detroit. We arrived 5 minutes early and the audition went great. We both felt very positive about what the outcome would be. They announced at the audition that call backs would be on Sunday, but we had to check back in on Sunday morning via email, to await a phone call, to tell us whether or not we made call backs and if so, then what time to be there. Great.  Dropped Son 2 off at home and on to the next stop.
A funeral for a God-loving, talented, young (he just turned 25) man, who had been a student of mine back in the day when I was teaching high school. There was such an outpouring the church was beyond "standing-room-only", people were standing outside the doors and onto the sidewalk. For my students, it was a family reunion for the worst reason. The service was scheduled to begin at 11:00am, but because the viewing processional was amazing, the officials at the funeral had to cut off the viewing in order to start the service at 11:30 or we may still have been there today. As it was,   I had to leave to pick up my 3 sons to go to the church for the presentation concert (remember that). Call time was at 11:00am.
We got there at 12:45pm. Remember my mind said, "Trust God". On my way to pick up the boys, the mom of my other injured dancer, called to say she was at the church waiting for us to arrive and that her daughter was going to dance. People when I say God showed up and showed out through his children on Saturday, I mean just that. When I arrived at the church, one of the directors asked me were we cutting my piece from the concert? - Oh ye, of little faith - to which I replied no, my kids would be dancing. I saw the frown of concern on the other director's face - Et tu, Brutus?
I won't leave you in suspense, the children danced and received a standing ovation. They made me cry - that's only happened three times in the over twenty years I've been teaching dance. It was truly a blessed performance.
Onward, back to my house to pack up the children and myself for our overnight adventures. The children were spending the night with their cousins at my parents house to take care of my dad, so that my mom, sisters and I could enjoy an evening out at a plush hotel to chillax (chill out and relax) and pamper ourselves. Okay, okay, so pampering meant being able to sleep through the night without someone needing us. We had a great time, laughed at silly movies, walked around Greektown, SLEPT IN, and had a leisurely morning. I emailed at 10:00am to the audition people while we planned where to have breakfast. On the way to breakfast, audition people called me to say that Son 2 had indeed made call backs! Yea! Yahoo! He had to be back downtown at 4:30pm. Okay, okay. And we needed to have $2845.00 to hold his spot at the convention/competition in July. Uhmmmm....
We went to call backs, another great interview, and no we cannot give you nearly three thousand dollars today - can you say single parent, fixed income? Yes, my son was very disappointed as was I, but we are the bounce-back family and there's more than one way to skin a cat. So we're making plans to get him into what he wants to do right here in good ol Michigan and see if this is truly what he wants to pursue.
"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so." - Belva Davis
Till next week.

January 11, 2011

Good morning Tuesday and how are you? Things have been interesting since my last post. Let's see, I've resumed my eating plan and have encompassed the 21-day fast that my pastor has declared for our congregation. Yesterday was the first day and I did okay until about 4:00pm and then I allowed myself to eat something and it wasn't the best thing I could have eaten. As a result of the choice and the cheat, my stomach got a little queasy, which then led me to eat some crackers. I also missed my mark on my water yesterday by 20 ounces. My daughter is on a campaign to raise her tuition balance. I am working to update information in my own financial situation.
My daily reading yesterday from Simple Abundance talked about this being the season of Epiphany for several religions. She says "On our new path we seek everyday epiphanies - occasions on which we can experience the Sacred in the ordinary - and come to the awakening...that we cannot longer afford to throw away even one "unimportant" day by not noticing the wonder of it all. We have to be willing to discover and then appreciate the authentic moments of happiness available to all of us every day."
Before I even read this passage, I had been thinking about the things that really make me happy. Yesterday, driving my children home from school, my youngest said "Mom, I really love you" to which I replied the same. Well, the middle son, not to be outdone, chimed in "Well, I super love you, Mom" to which I replied the same. The youngest topped him with "I super super love you" and again I replied. The middle - "Well, I super duper super duper love you". The youngest - "Well I super duper super duper super super super awesome love you." And on it went until we were all laughing at them trying to outdo each other's amount of love for me. My oldest remained quiet during this time, laughing at his brothers attempts to get the last word in. Finally he says and tops them both with "Mom I love you more that playing any video game, going anywhere and being with anyone on Earth, times two." We continued laughing, but it was a moment for me where I consciously thought "This is a happy moment. This is one of God's miracles in my midst. Thank you God for allowing me to be the vessel for these particular children on yours." Talk about an epiphany.

January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! I have a lot going on and so this particular entry may be lengthy and confusing, but at least I'm warning you in advance. First, I have been not of myself the last few days - sick as a dog. I'm sure now that it was my monthly visitor, but good grief, can it get easier as it gets toward the end and not worse. I won't go into awful detail, just know that it was not pretty.
So I have several days to catch up on my reading, because I basically vegetated for three days. So on to my reading list for daily health
"Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy" -Six threads of abundant living which, when woven together, produce a tapestry of contentment that wraps us in inner peace, well-being, happiness and a sense of security. Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Joy
Check out Kathy Mattea's rendition of "Standing Knee-Deep in a River (Dying of Thirst)"

"Hearing From God Each Morning" -This reminds me that the wind of God's Spirit is faithful to blow away everything that is no longer needed in our lives and that He will protect all that needs to remain. He will bring new life and growth and times of refreshing. God's Word for me today: Don't be afraid to move your chair.
"Mocha With Max" - Never outgrow your love of sunsets.
"The Four Agreements" - I am Smokey Mirror...
"A Grand New Day" - The Wake Up Call
Amazing to me how things fall into place, gentle guidances that affirm the good and deny the "not good". I am reading a book entitled "Five Smooth Stones" and the hero of the book is a young man named David. During my reading tonight, I came across references to the biblical David and his 5 small stones. David who was small and yet managed to slay the giant with simple abundance and then later continued to seek God. There have been questions before me of late and the answers given to me when needed. I know that finding my 'lemonade', myself, is a journey that will take time, commitment, endurance and several types of strength. I possess all these things and will make my way along this path.
I think about the story "Footprints in the Sand" and I feel that this is the journey when there will be one set of footprints, because finally I am allowing Jesus to carry me through the rough instead of forging ahead on my own. I am excited by the prospects this new year holds for me and for mine. I will not be discouraged and I will not give up. Every day is a chance to re-new myself. And so I will.
Good night, dear bloggee. Until next. (PS - Made meatballs with tomatoes and gravy, white cheddar mashed potatoes and peas for dinner tonight - yuummm!)

December 28, 2010

Okay, so here I am two days after Christmas and well....yeah, I fell off the wagon. As in lost the trail and had to get the GPS to find it, lol. But I am not discouraged and I'm not giving up. Today is a beautiful new day. I sent my daughter back to school/job/apartment last night, told my 3 boys that was the last night of crazy sleeping hours and weird meal combinations (lasagna, summer sausage, swiss cheese and coleslaw - yikes!) and today we return to our goals and plans. My All-Year Resolutions include:
1) Step up water intake to 96 oz per day
2) Add 70 minutes to work out (that's 10 minutes per day)
3) Add tutoring program to kid's academic routine
4) Donate 10 bags worth of "stuff" from our home per quarter (jan/feb/march, apr/may/june, etc)
5) Salad for lunch or dinner at least 5x per week. Thank goodness I like salads, lol
6) Get back to cooking home meals and after school snacks
Invited my ex to celebrate the New Year with us on New Year's Eve. He asked about it, so I'm sure his curiosity his getting the best of him. After the less than wonderful date last week, I was ready to throw in the towel. God says "be patient" and I'm trying. I will still keep him in my prayers, but maybe just change the wordage a bit.
My daughter just called to say she made to the bus station and she's just waiting on her ride! Amen and Hallelujah! Sending her cute little dog, Brody, to stay with my mom until we can ship him back to her. I'm going to miss the little critter though.
Until next post...

December 20, 2010

After much excuse-making and self-defeat, I am starting the path to the NEW ME!! Taking back the control of my life, includes regaining control over my eating habits - so no more "Breakfast Supplement" (a milkshake at 8am) or poor food choices.
I moved myself and my 3 sons, 14, 13 and 5 out of my LTP's (living together partner) home because we were no longer traveling on the same paths. He wanted us to stay as we were 11.5 years ago and I have changed, as have the children. Lots of tense nights and mornings, yelling matches, etc later, I decided that if we were to salvage our relationship and ourselves, changes had to be made. So I moved out.
In coming to this decision, I realized that I had "ka-bloomed" from a size 8 (after the birth of the last) to a flabby size 20. I'm short, 5'2', it's not what I see for myself. So out of the stretch pants and big tops and back to the clothes that hang in closet, forgotten.
My goal is to lose 50 pounds and lots of inches. So I'm starting today. Right now. Had a real breakfast - shredded mini wheats, banana and milk. Getting ready to go to church (something else my dear ltp didn't agree with). Wish me....not luck....MOTIVATION!
  • Day Two of the Journey.Still feeling very motivated. Yesterday had a baked potato with spinach, cheese and garlic butter for lunch. Did a big salad for dinner. Pretzel crisps with low-cal dip for snack. Did the Core Rhythms 20 minute workout.Today - Lunch date with the Ex and I teach my adult dance class tonight. Carrot and cucumber chips for snacking is the plan. I have to pick up the measuring tape today so that I can record inches as well as pounds.I am so going to do this!!!
Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday is a real good news-day! For those of you old enough to remember the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funnicello amongst others, you'll remember that song. That being said, nope, no good news except that nothing bad has happened.
My sister and I have decided that Twitter was really made for men. Men who want to announce to you all day the little highlights of their lives - "I walked the dog" or "I gotta joke for you" or "Guess who's playing on World Celebrity Poker tonight". All these as you, the joyful woman receiving these little pearls of wisdom, are about to teach a class, go into a meeting with your boss or sitting in rush hour traffic with 5 minutes to get the kids from school on time. These are the same men, who, when you need to discuss the repairs on the roof before the snow falls, or Davey needs braces and what's the state of our dental insurance, suddenly fall into a self-induced coma or become hard of hearing or respond with "could this wait until the commercial, honey?" Twitter!
Knowing that my news and information come in line behind somewhere after new brands of after shave and the funny kitty litter commercial on cable, I stopped seeking my other half's input on the "mundane" matters in my life. I taught myself how to change the washers on the kitchen faucet, how to patch my son's bike tire, who to call when I had questions about auto insurance coverage. I learned how to build a bookshelf, how to create an entertainment center from multiple shelving units, how to to look elsewhere for the answers, how to rely upon myself, how to be self sufficient and confident in my both my "yahoos" and my mistakes. I don't mean that I don't talk to him or want his participation in those matters. It means that I don't NEED those things from him, so when it doesn't happen, I am not unfulfilled, he just missed a great opportunity to share something with me.

November 9, 2010

Well, here I am, back on the block or blog, I should say. One of the first changes that I had to make in my journey to renewing myself, was to take a look at what was and what was not working in my life. I felt like the blindfolded lady of justice that holds the scales - I was full of things that were not working in my life, but that I had accepted as....I don't know, just accepted. Once I decided that I can change my life, so many things began to clear up for me. I went back to church (major step for me) and found one that I liked and that liked me right back. My former place of employment closed it's doors, opening up the opportunity for me to be the "mommy" I wanted to be - look out June Cleaver! No pearls and crinolines, though, more like sweats and bandanas, but I can enjoy my children for who they are. We laugh together, often. We watch great, good and absolutely awful, movies together on the weekends. I can tickle my little one and relish the peals of laughter, that before I would have to cut off no sooner that we started playing.
My oldest son, today, was so excited about a new drama group that he attended. He was talking, 90 miles an hour, words tumbling over themselves, in a rush to share his experience, his excitement, his wish to continue with the group. This from the same kid who six months ago, wouldn't open his mouth to the easiest of questions from me, who felt more comfortable talking to his teacher than to his mother. I wouldn't trade this time for anything, but he's 14 now...think how much I've missed by trying to uphold a standard that no-one was holding me to,  but me.